TJ Turf Farm Inc. has been installing sod for builders and landscapers for over 45 years.  
Through the years we have built the reputation for having the best quality work in the
industry as well as providing the best service.  We have achieved this reputation by following
these guidelines that distinguish us from the competition:
1. We employ the necessary supervision in order to verify that every job is completed to our
high standards.
2. We install only #1 grade sod.  We can install any type of sod grown in Florida either by
pieces or rolls.
3. We pay our installers by the hour, not "piece rate".  This gives them the time to assure a
quality installation without concern for the number of pallets laid.  They rake and cut-in
around flatwork prior to the installation of sod, and upon completion they broom sweep in
order to leave the job site as we found it.
4. All of our employees are uniformed and drive clearly marked vehicles.  They are required
to place cones around the vehicles and equipment while on the job site for the safety of
5. We have a fully staffed office to assure communication whenever needed.
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